Lillian and Jane

Jane Hawley Edward, MCFRP

Jane is one of 25 certified Lotus Institute’s Master Chinese Face readers apprenticing with the late Lillian Pearl Bridges, the world’s leading authority in Chinese Face Reading.

In 2015, after a vibrant career spanning the fields of investing, public relations and management level finance, marketing and communications, in Canada and abroad, Jane serendipitously found a new opportunity that changed her life.  

Fascinated by the wisdom and teachings, Jane worked as a teaching assistant for Lotus Institute’s Master Face Reading Program, collaborating with Lillian to develop and produce courses and workshops targeted to the corporate world.

Jane draws on her rich experiential and educational background to bring a down-to-earth, practical balance to teach communication that bridges the gap between traditional wisdom and modern business practices. Being able to understand who we work with is a huge part of building better relational experiences. Jane has been following her passion for training individuals and consulting for businesses in Chinese Face Reading since 2014, and in 2016, established her own company, Understanding Faces. 

In 2022, along with former Lotus Institute directors, she founded the Face Reading Institute and Eastern Arts (FRIEA) as a means to collaborate and continue the teachings of Lillian’s lineage. Together, they provide online classes and in-person workshops on several continents to teach and empower others on using Chinese Face Reading and other Eastern principles.

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