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Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World

Ancient cultures – from the Greeks to the French to the Germans – used face reading.
Abraham Lincoln chose members of his cabinet by reading their faces.
The original Maytag sales manual described how reading faces helped sell appliances.
Face reading is as relevant today as it was in ancient times.

Create more impact by unlocking communication tools based in Chinese Face Reading

Today, we live under the dull roar of many forms of communication. But in the midst of them all, there’s still a need for people to connect and be understood that is not being met.

People are wired for social connections. They are essential for our mental, physical and emotional health. And any struggle to communicate and connect with another person can cause depression, anxiety, isolation and stress.

One of our most reliable but rarely used communication skills is Face Reading.  Our faces show how each of us works in the world. They show our values, our preferences and how we’re likely to react and respond to circumstances in our professional and personal lives.

Most importantly, our faces show how we can build connections, lasting friendships and support networks.

When we first meet someone and understand how to see them for who they are – our chance of creating and building rapport with them increases by as much as 66%.  

It’s an opportunity that is available for you to re-discover.

Learn how to build your social skills with simple techniques taught in the webinars and classes below.

Decision Making Decoded

How Our Features Influence Our Decisions

The Language of our Lines

We can learn so much about ourselves and others by reading the language of our ‘lines’.

Is that what they were trying to tell me?

Learn the tools and tips you can use immediately to bring out the best in others, so communication is easier and more effective!

How They Buy Influences How We Sell

In this class, you’ll understand when to talk or listen. You’ll know when to pause or act.  And when to speak dollars or ideas.