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This ancient science is experiencing a resurgence, and provides simple communication tools that help you build a faster, more meaningful rapport with others. Enjoy many benefits in both your work and family relationships.



Ancient principles that served us well in the past are gaining more relevance today, because they focus on what is essential and elementary to our lives and health. Chinese face reading is one of those ancient practices that deepens our self-discovery, gives us a clearer sense of who we are and what supports us, without judgment but with understanding and appreciation.

What was old is new again. It’s time to adapt to modern living using the natural philosophies of the ancients.

The more we know ourselves, the better equipped we are to shape our future, to make more conscious and healthier choices about the life we are living.

When we’re true to who we were born to be
When we recognize our traits and talents
When we know what motivates and support us
We can more easily find happiness and fulfillment

I created to motivate a wider use of ancient eastern wisdom in our modern life, to bring meaning, fulfillment and happiness to work and home.

Jane Hawley Edward