Is That What they were Trying to Tell Me?

We’re bombarded by many forms of communication today, but there is a fundamental need that has not changed; people need to be understood and heard. Even though we could be using the same language, we can still fail to communicate.  Because we may be talking to someone about things they can’t easily relate to or understand, we struggle to make a good impression or even just connect with others.

Instead of leaving it to chance when meeting someone for the first time, information can be used to understand what motivates another person’s actions. Information that helps us create a smoother connection and builds trust.  

This proven information was honed thousands of years ago with the ancient science of Chinese Face Reading.

Learn the tools and tips you can use immediately to bring out the best in people, so communication is easier and more effective.

Next Course: September 22, 2024 from 12 pm – 2 pm EST via ZOOM

Cost: $175.00