People make between 70 and 35,000 decisions a day, according to estimations by researchers at Cornell University, confirming that decision-making is a large component of our lives. There is a technique, based on a classic division of energy in Chinese philosophy, symbolizing the separation of heaven, human and earth, that is significant to the decision-making process. It shows us what influences are at play.

People make decisions based on what motivates them. What motivates them is visible in their features.  If we understand this, we have very valuable information.  We can anticipate how someone is likely to act and respond when faced with a decision. 

This class will teach you the traits and behaviours of the different styles, and how to navigate working with each to improve our effectiveness and collaboration.

Next Course – May 5, 2024 from 12 pm to 2 pm EST via ZOOM

Cost $175.00