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I teach people communication strategies to help them manage work and life using tools from the ancient science of Chinese Face Reading.


Being able to quickly get a sense of who we’re dealing with can make the difference in how successfully we build relationships. From delegating to team building to managing our expectations of employees, clients and peers, every bit of information increases our chance of success. 

The clues a face provides inform us of how to adapt our approach. 

The face is a key to strengthening our interactions with others. It tells us how a person operates. A one-size-fits-all approach, from basic communication to management practices, can hamper how effectively work is done.

Companies, large and small are facing steep costs of employee turnover and absenteeism. One critical reason is the usual approach to managing, hiring and communicating overlooks something key: the individual nature of people.  People are unable to contribute their best selves when they don’t understand who they are and how they function and are motivated.  

Face reading provides a strategic means to improve management, increase customer satisfaction, and motivated a workforce.


In our struggle to keep up with the pace of business today, we have little – if any – time left to become more effective at our jobs.
Because of this pace, we can overlook an instinctive ability – our internal communication system. Humans have been reading faces since birth. Historically we have used faces to recognize whether a person was safe or unsafe for us. We instinctively knew faces revealed what we needed to know not only for survival, they served as our guide for how we acted and communicated. Yet now most adults nowadays have forgotten how.

An ability to communicate effectively is crucial as many companies struggle to improve client service, engage customers and inspire employees to work smarter internally. Communicating well can make a major difference in a person’s career and a company’s success. It’s the biggest area of opportunity and professional development and foundational to success.

“I teach people communication strategies to help them manage work and life using tools from the ancient science of Chinese Face Reading.”

How our features influence our decisions

People make between 70 and 35,000 decisions a day, according to estimations by researchers at Cornell University, confirming that decision-making is a large component of our lives. There is a technique, based on a classic division of energy in Chinese philosophy, symbolizing the separation of heaven, human and earth, that is significant to the decision-making process. It shows us what influences are at play.

People make decisions based on what motivates them. What motivates them is visible in their features.  If we understand this, we have very valuable information.  We can anticipate how someone is likely to act and respond when faced with a decision. 


This class will teach you the traits and behaviours of the different styles, and how to navigate working with each to improve our effectiveness and collaboration.

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The Language of our Lines

It’s commonly believed that wrinkles are an inevitable sign of aging, sun exposure and lifestyle. But that is not the whole story.

The lines and wrinkles on our faces tell us about our life experiences, what has influenced us and what emotions and feelings we still carry.  And each line has a specific meaning. 

All the wrinkles you thought were permanent? They are not. We need to feel better about our wrinkles and re-think how we see them. Because we create our faces. 

In this class, you will learn what the lines on your face are telling you.

Is THAT What They Were Trying to Tell Me…?

We’re bombarded by many forms of communication today, but there is a fundamental need that has not changed; people need to be understood and heard. Even though we could be using the same language, we can still fail to communicate.  Because we may be talking to someone about things they can’t easily relate to or understand, we struggle to make a good impression or even just connect with others.

Instead of leaving it to chance when meeting someone for the first time, information can be used to understand what motivates another person’s actions. One that helps us create a smoother connection and builds trust.  

This proven information was honed thousands of years ago with the ancient science of Chinese Face Reading.

Learn the tools and tips you can use immediately to bring out the best in people, so communication is easier and more effective.

How They Buy Influences How We Sell

We encounter a range of personalities in life – each with different outlooks and motivations. And while we tend to use the same approach with everyone, what happens when everyone doesn’t hear and listen the same way?

Rather than feeling like “We don’t see eye to eye…” or wonder “Why don’t they listen to what I say?”  there are tools that you can learn and use immediately, to help get your message across and reduce the pressure or initial awkwardness talking to people

In this class, you’ll understand when to talk or listen. You’ll know when to pause or act.  And when to speak dollars or ideas.

As a gateway into people’s behaviour and motivations, there are indicators on a face that can offer a shortcut to an easier way to understand what people are looking for.

This class is useful to anyone who wants to understand themselves, communicate more effectively and create stronger connections with others.

"Jane, thank you so much for the time and invaluable information given to me during my reading. I have had other types of readings, but was stunned to discover that my face can be so revealing about my personality and significant occurrences in my life. Like so many, I felt slightly negative about my features, but the compassion, professionalism and assurance with which you carried out the session really blew me away. Even though you revealed certain characteristics I knew about myself, you opened my mind to discovering others which made me appreciate my unloved traits. You are remarkably gifted and I can say with certainty that we can all benefit from your experience."
-Erica G
"Thank you so so so much, Jane!!!! You made Dad’s day. All day he has had tears in his eyes and hasn't stopped talking about the experience with you. He's called friends and wants to get my sister a reading. He's just so jazzed. Thank you for truly seeing him and helping him to shine his light again. You're amazing!"
-Bob F.
"This is such a wonderful addition to alternative methods of self-development. I was astounded by the information and can assess it from a distance not feeling trapped by them. I believe this is just the beginning of a great road in my life."
-Rev. Annelize L.
"This is such a wonderful addition to alternative methods of self-development. I was astounded by the information and can assess it from a distance not feeling trapped by them. I believe this is just the beginning of a great road in my life."
-Rev. Annelize L.
"The best part of my consultation was hands-down the attention I got from you. In a world of social media and air-brushed ads, the best thing is a window when someone REALLY has their attention on YOU. Your kind and insightful guidance gave me a TON of validation on who I am, what I am here to do, and how I have created my life to be where I am. I am so grateful."
-Jenn R.
"To have someone get to the heart of your life story and who you are, by looking at your cover… I left feeling loved and understood by someone I had never met before. You have the calm presence of enlightened understanding. I appreciate the non-judgment and uber compassion. I now carry a deeper sense of calm, freedom and understanding. I loved every minute of it!"
-Anitra C.

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