“I am larger and better than I thought. I did not know I held so much goodness.”
- Walt Whitman

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Events and Conferences

  • Conferences and Networking Breaks – Snapshot Mini Readings draw attendees and delegates to your booth
  • Receptions – Snapshot Readings to help make your event unique for your guests
  • Workshops – From 30 minute sampler, half or a full-day for simple, ready-to-use communication tips


Conferences and Networking Events / Receptions

For a unique addition during Client Events, mingling at Cocktail Receptions or between seminars at Conferences my Snapshot readings generate curiosity and give attendees something fun to talk about and draw people to your booth.

Upbeat, interesting and informative, these mini readings range between 2-3 minutes for walk-by traffic or up to 5 minutes a person during cocktail or networking receptions.

As part of your company retreat, lunch and learn or departmental program, I can provide mini readings to guests or prospects for entertaining and empowering insights.

They are fantastic ice-breakers, encourage mixing and mingling and win over audiences every time!


Schedule a Business Workshop

Events play an important role to help promote a company’s business, forge links with clients and motivate staff.

Choose among a 30 minute sampler or expand into half or a full-day breakout workshop or training session which can include one-on-one coaching.


☯  How People Make Decisions  – Anticipating What Your Customers Need

What if you could look at your clients and customers and see what concerned them, what they wanted to know and what they didn’t care about?

Despite the many forms of communication available today, a fundamental need has not changed; for people to be understood and heard.

If a company is serious about improving their client service, engaging customers and working smarter internally, advocating the ability to communicate well is crucial and can make a major difference in our career, professional development and our ability to achieve results.

Understanding how people make decisions and would likely act is information useful for anyone who wants to understand their employees, colleagues, clients and customers.


☯  Predicting Behaviour At Work – How Our Features Influence Behaviour

Are you trying to have effective conversations at work, but can find your approach doesn’t always turn out well and can result in disgruntled employees, frustrated colleagues or a boss you don’t relate to easily?

It can be exhausting trying to navigate the different work styles and personalities. And with so many forms of communication, a fundamental need has not changed; people need to be understood and heard.

People are motivated differently. Some work quickly and need less information to get started while others prefer more information and time before wading in.  While one person may do their best work when collaborating as part of a team, their colleague can be more productive working alone and get more satisfaction with healthy competition. Some people are at their best when they have routine and predictability in their workday while others thrive on variety and change.

We can manage our expectations at work when we understand who we are talking to and working with. Our faces give us important clues about how to bring out the best in people and work more easily together to enhance overall business performance.



   How They Buy Influences How We Sell

Personal Face Reading

Our face, with its combination of features and markings, shows how we think and respond to life. It shows our natural abilities and interests, shedding light on why life is happening for us the way it is.

We have the features and traits we do for a reason. The more we can know about ourself – who we are and what we need to find happiness – the better equipped we are to contribute to the quality of our life. Instead of making choices that cause frustration, we can choose options to support and make us happier.

While many people focus on their perceived faults, a face reading is an opportunity to see yourself without judgment. It provides an enriched sense of who we are, a personal compass that directs our instinctive behaviors and motivations behind our choices and why we’re prone to act a certain way in relationships – socially and at work.


You At A Glance is a 30 minute reading about what your features say about why you behave, feel and communicate the way you do. You’ll learn your core strengths and weaknesses – and how to use them effectively.

A Good Look is a 75 minute in-depth reading about what your features say about why you behave, feel and communicate the way you do, how to use your core strengths and weaknesses effectively plus recommendations for issues – in personal or professional relationships that are presenting challenges for you.

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