What can I expect during a consultation?

Our initial discussion is of key issues you’d like to focus on, a review of your features and how they’re influencing what’s happening in your life and suggestions and tips to support you.


How long does a consultation take?

You have two options: A 30 minute consultation where I give you an overview – highlight the key traits that make up your unique personality. The longer consultation is 75 minutes and goes more in depth. You choose an area or topic you’d like to focus on that is causing you an issue or zoom out for an in-depth overview. Many people are interested in general insights into their character and traits to get perspective.


Do you charge by the hour or a flat rate?

The initial consultation is a flat rate. Rates can be found in the Contact Me section.


Is there anything I need to do to prepare?

Consider a goal you have for the consultation. The more direction I have, the more I will focus in that area.


Why do you want photographs in advance?

It provides me with a better reflection of you – rather than work with the limitations of lighting and Skype. The more I can see, the more accurate I can be. A reading is a positive experience.  I see the positive in you – by the end of our session, you will too.


Do you tell people about the negative things you see in their faces?

While some traits aren’t necessarily easy, there is a reason we have them, so they are useful.  I learned and teach without judgment to allow people to accept what they have.  Seeing a face through a different lens helps boost self-esteem. My approach is to see the positive and relay that so my clients see how the good outweighs any negative perceptions.


Is Chinese Face Reading better than other personality assessment tools?

With the pace of change today, we need skills to respond to the potential behavior of others – in a practical way. Face reading provides that.  Most assessment tools base their results on the participation of the individual.  Face Reading is more specific, more immediate and doesn’t require tests to be administered, which can leave room for bias.


What are the Uses?  Applications?

There are many.  From hiring, choosing a career, to fine-tuning how we communicate with people. It helps people better understand themselves as well as anyone they interact with.  When we understand who we are working with, we can understand our natural response to people and adapt those if needed, especially if we are prone to react first and think second.


Are lines and wrinkles permanent or can they disappear?  I hate my crows feet.

These are a favorite of the Chinese! They call them Joy Lines and encourage us all to have them because they’re a sign of a lovely, warm personality – not of age. Wrinkles correspond to specific emotions and show you what you’re feeling.  It’s possible, if you release the feeling, the corresponding wrinkle will lessen.