Face Reading

Apply Ancient Wisdom to Your Life, Career, or Business

Face reading traces back to many cultures including the ancient practices of Greece and India and was perfected by the Chinese, over 3,000 years ago.

Ancient Chinese physicians viewed the body as a cohesive whole and believed there was an inner energy, the Qi, essential to sustain life.  Good health depended on the steady, smooth flow of this energy. The doctors were able to observe that the body’s energy, flowing through the organs, muscles, glands and bones, correlated to the facial features.

Through this science of observation, they also detected a correlation among the organs, the facial features and the emotions. The face divided into groups of features, each with corresponding emotions and organs that related to physical or emotional health, strength or weakness and function of specific parts of the body.

The face shape and its most prevalent features give a Face Reader messages about the dominant character traits of any human. We’re born with distinct personality tendencies that show up in our faces. How we live out our decades and make choices in life influences the shape and structure of our features.