About Jane Hawley Edward

A science of self.
A lens into how our perceptions of the world motivate how we interact in it.

Jane Hawley Edward created UnderstandingFaces.com to motivate wider use of ancient Eastern wisdom in our modern everyday life and bring meaningful fulfillment and happiness in work and at home.

From early on, Jane’s interest was in Holistic Eastern philosophies and she studied and read all she could find in pursuit of learning more. But believing that work and interests couldn’t intersect, she chose a marketing and communications degree and graduated when jobs opportunities were few. Undeterred, she embarked on a four-year trek across the world and returned to Canada with a collection of experiences in her money belt; it was time to start a responsible life.

Fast-forward 15 years, through the routine of work and life, to her chance meeting with the Dalai Lama in a hotel lobby. His suggestion to “get more sleep”, prompted the reawakening of a growing discontent. Work was no longer inspiring her. Jane’s longtime side interests summoned. With strategic abandon she left her day job. To provide a solid footing to support her quest, she trained with Lillian Pearl Bridges, the world’s leading authority in Chinese Face Reading, and on receiving her Masters, opened her virtual doors in 2014.

Proof positive that we can decode our higher purpose from our interests, Jane blends the proven teachings of ancient Chinese philosophies into accessible, practical applications that can be applied to everyday living.