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I teach people communication strategies to help them manage work and life

I created Understanding Faces to motivate the wider use of ancient Eastern wisdom in our modern everyday life and bring meaningful fulfillment and happiness at work and at home.

“A science of self. A lens into how our perceptions of the world motivate how we interact in it.”


CHINESE Face Reading

Face reading traces back through many cultures including the ancient practices of Greece and India and was perfected by the Chinese, over 3,000 years ago.

Chinese Face Reading originated in China’s Imperial Palaces when doctors needed a diagnostic tool. Touching the Emperor’s wives and concubines to examine them was forbidden. By using a miniature ivory reclining figure, the doctors were able to ask their patients to point to the figure to show where they were having pain. 

The ancient wisdom

These doctors learned how to correlate each organ, muscle and bone to specific facial features. They discovered how expressions marked on the face by noting where the lines appeared, then matched them to certain organs and their corresponding emotions.

Through this science of observation, a comprehensive body of knowledge was developed linking the facial features to functional organ strength or weakness, and to inherent personality and emotional traits.

Chinese Face Reading

Ancient practices that served us well in the past are gaining more relevance today, because they focus on what’s essential and elementary to our lives and health. Chinese face reading is one of those ancient practices that deepens our self-discovery, gives us a clearer sense of who we are and what supports us, without judgement but with understanding and appreciation.

What was old is new again. It’s time to adapt to modern living using the natural philosophies of the ancients.

The more we know ourselves, The better equipped we are to shape our future, to make more conscious and healthier choices about the life we are living.

When we’re true to who we were born to be
When we recognize our traits and talents
When we know what motivates and support us
We can more easily find happiness and fulfillment

I created UnderstandingFaces.com to motivate a wider use of ancient Eastern wisdom in our modern life and bring meaning, fulfillment and happiness to work and home.

I am one of 25 certified Lotus Institute’s Master Chinese Face readers and received my masters certification from Lillian Pearl Bridges and the world’s leading authority in Chinese Face Reading.

I have been teaching and consulting since 2014 and am a founding member of FRIEA, Face Reading Institute and Eastern Arts (FRIEA website). My practice incorporates the proven teachings of ancient Chinese philosophies into practical applications that we can apply to our everyday lives.

While I have always had a deep interest in simple, natural approaches to healthy living, I considered it a hobby and something to do in my spare time. A belief had been instilled in me that work and interests couldn’t intersect, and what I loved to do would not be how I should make a living. 

Fast-forward 20 years, through the routine of work and life, building a career in corporate management, I found myself disenchanted. Work was no longer inspiring me. A chance meeting with the Dalai Lama in a hotel lobby, prompted the reawakening of my growing discontent – and a reminder of my real interests, that I’d neglected years before. The choice for me then became either to stay in an unfulfilling position or change direction and find more meaningful, self-directed work.

It was during my study in Feng Shui, that I discovered Chinese Face Reading and had the good fortune to study and apprentice with Lillian. I have had the most remarkable experiences working with my clients, using these proven teachings of ancient Chinese philosophies into accessible, practical applications to all aspects of everyday life.

"Jane, thank you so much for the time and invaluable information given to me during my reading. I have had other types of readings, but was stunned to discover that my face can be so revealing about my personality and significant occurrences in my life. Like so many, I felt slightly negative about my features, but the compassion, professionalism and assurance with which you carried out the session really blew me away. Even though you revealed certain characteristics I knew about myself, you opened my mind to discovering others which made me appreciate my unloved traits. You are remarkably gifted and I can say with certainty that we can all benefit from your experience."
-Erica G
"Thank you so so so much, Jane!!!! You made Dad’s day. All day he has had tears in his eyes and hasn't stopped talking about the experience with you. He's called friends and wants to get my sister a reading. He's just so jazzed. Thank you for truly seeing him and helping him to shine his light again. You're amazing!"
-Bob F.
"This is such a wonderful addition to alternative methods of self-development. I was astounded by the information and can assess it from a distance not feeling trapped by them. I believe this is just the beginning of a great road in my life."
-Rev. Annelize L.
"The best part of my consultation was hands-down the attention I got from you. In a world of social media and air-brushed ads, the best thing is a window when someone REALLY has their attention on YOU. Your kind and insightful guidance gave me a TON of validation on who I am, what I am here to do, and how I have created my life to be where I am. I am so grateful."
-Jenn R.
"To have someone get to the heart of your life story and who you are, by looking at your cover… I left feeling loved and understood by someone I had never met before. You have the calm presence of enlightened understanding. I appreciate the non-judgment and uber compassion. I now carry a deeper sense of calm, freedom and understanding. I loved every minute of it!"
-Anitra C.

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