The Value Of Face Reading

Anticipate what your clients need to hear – and what they don’t care about.

Predict the best approach to work with your boss – and the most effective way to give them information.

Understand why one of your staff reacts differently – and how best to motivate them.


We encounter a range of personalities in life – each with different outlooks and motivations. And while we tend to use the same approach with everyone, what happens when everyone doesn’t hear and listen the same way?

As a gateway into people’s behavior and motivations, face reading offers a short cut.

It’s useful to anyone who wants to understand themself, communicate more effectively, create stronger bonds with others and enhance personal effectiveness.



In our struggle to keep up with the pace of business today, we have little – if any – time left to become more effective at our jobs.

Because of this pace, we can overlook an instinctive ability – our internal communication system. Humans have been reading faces since birth. Historically we have used faces to recognise whether a person was safe or unsafe for us. We instinctively knew faces revealed what we needed to know not only for survival, they served as our guide for how we acted and communicated.

Yet now most adults nowadays have forgotten how.



If a company is serious about improving their client service, engaging customers and working smarter internally, the ability to communicate effectively becomes the focus.

It’s the biggest area of opportunity and professional development that’s foundationally important.  The ability to communicate well can make a major difference in a person’s career and a company’s success.

Rather than feeling like“We don’t see eye to eye…”or wonder “Why cant they listen to my ideas?”what you’ll take away from a consultation or workshop with me are tools you can use immediately.

  • You’ll be able to recognise and respond to the filters that others are responding from when they talk to you and find communication becomes easier.
  • You’ll understand when to talk or listen. And ask questions that confirm you understand someone and what’s important to them.
  • You’ll know when to pause or act.  When to speak dollars or ideas. And reduce the pressure or initial awkwardness talking to people.

You will improve your ability to communicate and work effectively – with everyone.



For an unusual twist for a memorable event, Snapshot Readings provide fun and interest to engage and draw people in.

Faces offer a rich source of non-verbal communication based on clues that are easy to see.  In only a few minutes guests learn secrets their features reveal during my light, interactive SNAPSHOT Mini Readings that entertain as well as inform.


SNAPSHOT Mini Readings encourage attendee engagement and interaction giving another reason for delegates to drop by your booth. In an increasingly virtual world, people still value communicating face-to-face. It gives us powerful opportunities to connect, promote our business, increases sales and helps sales staff establish leads and contacts.

Bystander effect:  for each person read, three overhear and benefit from the entertainment and learning.



Choose among a 30 minute sampler or expand into half or a full-day interactive Workshop.


How People Make Decisions – Anticipating What Your Customers Need

Predicting Behaviour at Work

COMING SOON:  How They Buy Influences How We Sell


Experts in positive psychology have found the happiest people are those who have discovered and incorporated their unique strengths into their daily lives.

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